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StreamingLive.Com should only belong to the best

StreamingLive.Com should only belong to the best

StreamingLive.Com should only belong to the bestStreamingLive.Com should only belong to the bestStreamingLive.Com should only belong to the best

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of participating in the public sale of full rights and custody of the domain name 


How to register

Register to join the bidding by going to Bid page or clicking any button leading there..

Registrants will get access to bidder Suite

Members of Bidder Suite will access a simple form to make official offers to buy domain name custody.  

Bidders may choose a handle or number to mask their identities to the general public. An email is required on every bid. Anonymous Bidders will keep this in mind. 

(All information on the official bid form will be public to other members of the Bidder Suite)


How bidding works. 

Bidders may make unlimited offers to buy (bids) using form.

When each bid is sent via bidding form, the offer becomes official. Bids sent outside of bidding form will not be accepted.

Each Bid submission by registered bidder will create an automatic certificate of bid which will be published on the page automatically.

All bids are final, official and publicly displayed upon submission. 

The Highest Bid by each Bidder is the most valid.

In case of failure of payment by the winning bidder within 24 hours of termination of auction, then the next highest bidder will be announced as winner and will have 24 hours after notification of failure of incumbency, to make payment.

Seller has the right to halt the sale with a public notice to all registrants up until the close of the public auction as stated above. 

Seller has the right to refuse the sale to any and all bidders at Seller's discretion.

Seller agrees that upon winning rights to domain name by highest bid, according to the terms and conditions defined herein, that registrant will be provided wiring instructions and registrant will provide proper custodial information for good custodial transfer of the domain name. The registrant further agrees to receive the name of escrow agent (attorney with BAR number), terms of escrow to ensure certainty of transaction, and completion of agreement upon closing and that full payment will be made by bank wire within twenty four hours of closing of sale, according to the terms of escrow, and; Seller agrees to transfer custody ownership of domain to highest bidder, according to the terms herein within the same period, according to terms of the escrow agreement. 

Seller agrees to release the ownership and all rights held by seller of the domain name to the highest bidder, according to the terms herein. 

The transaction is simple: The seller desires to sell the rights to ownership of custody of domain name to the highest bidder by the termination of the public sale. The bidder desires to purchase the custodial rights to the domain name at the best market price, in a public forum, relieving the seller of any rights to the domain name, after completion of transaction, at the spot price bid by registrant, at the close of the public sale.

Any and all disputes arising from this agreement or the subsequent transaction of completion of the purpose of this public sale shall be litigated in Texas, in the county of Dallas.

Registrant acknowledges that by submitting form to register, Registrant agrees to all of the terms and conditions herein. Seller, acknowledges that by accepting the registration form and providing registrant access to the bidding form, that Seller agrees to all of the terms and conditions herein. Both parties shall be bound to this agreement. 

Registration requirements to become an official bidder for  



Verification will follow immediately after submission of registration form. Verification may require a third-party agency, social media, business card, attorney for vetting purposes. Information placed herein will be held in the strictest of confidence by Seller.